Just got a Chromebook!!!

Ordered an ACER c720p after the good reviews I had read/watched here on the Verge. Got the touchscreen one, in Moonstone! Got the touchscreen ACER mostly because of the added functionality it'll have for existing and future apps, but also because recessed screen on the c720 looked less attractive than the c720p. So I dropped an extra $100 for the good lookin' Moonstone display :)

So far I love it. Keep in mind, it's not my main computer, but I'm going to try and NOT turn that puppy on for as long as I can.

If anybody has a Chromebook out there and has some advice to apps/extensions or anything else, let me know!

So far on extensions I have:

Motorola Connect (with my Moto X)



Facebook Messenger

Applications, I have:



Pixlr Editor



Evernote Web

And obviously the apps that come stock on the Chromebooks (Drive, Youtube, etc.)