The Verge's political articles comment sections

I was just wondering how skewed the comments sections are compared to the average American's opinion.

Are they indicative of a relatively normal person? I'm assuming it's relatively skewed to the right (specifically libertarian I think? I'm not that familiar with American politics) as people on The Verge are more likely to be working in the tech sector which is generally higher paid and more free market than average. This is just guessing as I said my knowledge is pretty sparse.

Some of the comments seem extremely right wing from a Canadian perspective. Like, if you said some of these things on the street in Toronto people would probably think you're a Neo-Nazi. However, Toronto is pretty liberal even in Canada so it's not a particularly fair metric either. If you're in small town Alberta it may fit in quite well so I'm guessing the Verge posts are similarly from a specific group.

PS This is not meant to be bait for arguments. I'm genuinely curious about this. I'm more into military history than political history so I'm not even particularly well versed in Canadian politics either. I know in general your democrats are closer to our conservatives but I didn't think it was to the extent that the comments here seem to show.

PPS Can anyone give a brief explanation why libertarianism seems so prevalent in the tech sector?