Let's talk about Samsung and fake leather


Apparently Samsung is now switching to the fake-leather look for its high-end Windows laptops, having already introduced rolled it on tablets, smartphones, and Chromebooks. I guess fake leather is now an intrinsic part of the Samsung brand identity.

This is strange to me, because as far as I can tell, literally nobody likes this look. On forums and blogs comments sections and Reddit, and basically anywhere else that people talk about technology, the reaction is always 100% negative. Some people loathe the look, some people are willing to put up with it because there are other aspects of Samsung's products that they value, but literally no-one claims to actively like the fake leather.

This is strange to me, because it suggests that one of three scenarios is true:

1. Some of those people on the internet are lying, and actually do like the fake leather. (In which case, fess up. Who is it that keeps encouraging them?)

2. Most Samsung buyers love the fake leather - it's just a bunch of complainers on internet forums who hate it! Believing this requires you to believe that there is no Venn overlap whatsoever between the tastes of internet commentators and those of "regular" people.

3. Everyone hates the fake leather! Samsung, despite being a huge and incredibly wealthy corporation, didn't bother to do market research or ask anyone's opinion before changing the brand identity of its most profitable product lines.

All of these seem implausible to me. And yet logically, it seems that one of them must be true!