iOS Multitasking Concept

Steve said "In multitasking, if you see a task manager... they blew it. Users shouldn't ever have to think about it." However iOS 4 did introduce a task manager and most users bother about closing their apps to preserve battery life and performance.

iOS multitasks primarily by using core multitasking services. What if we design a user interface that allow users to control these services. iOS already does this to some extent by using background audio controls, Voip controls etc but what if we design an interface that allows users to control all the relevant apps running on your phone. A "Service Manager" instead of a "Task manager". Apps will be grouped in the following manner

  • Background audio- Full music controls
  • Voice over ip - Voip controls
  • Background location- list of active apps that are tracking your location and the ability to stop(close) each app or all apps at once
  • Background Motion- list of active apps that are tracking your motion and the ability to stop(close) each app or all apps at once
  • Task completion - List of apps that have an active task to be complete. Active task name will be displayed also allowing you to stop the task
  • Apps that keep an online status when in background like Skype, Facebook. You can close these apps individually or close them all at once

The rest of the apps will be hidden whether they are suspended or not. Note that this is not an app switcher. An app switcher should exist as a separate interface that allows users to access recent apps or favorite apps however it should not allow users to close apps. If a user wants to restart an app, the user can press and hold an icon which will flip over allowing the user to move,delete, restart or update the app.

So how is a "Service Manager" better than a "Task Manager" ;

  • It gives the user more control,
  • It gives the user an overview of what is happening on their device
  • It stops the user from worrying to close all the apps but allows the user to stop (close) apps that effect battery life and performace
    Thoughts? If you do not like the idea please explain, criticism is welcomed.