Google's gamepad should have no buttons on the front

In case you didn't know, Google just acquired a called Green Throttle who makes mobile controllers that look identical to the Xbox One. After seeing their press release of their controllers, I kinda threw up in my mouth a little. I thought to myself, it's time for someone to evolve the controller and take into the next step of evolution. Valve has done it already with the Steam Controller but it seems like people can't get over the touchpads in the controller.

I think having buttons on the front of the game pad kills the experience of the game. Buttons on the front make you take your thumbs off of the Axis sticks to commit to doing something else in the game. This feature kills the possibilities and elements of immersion in the game if you think about it. From a guy who transitioned from console to PC Gaming, I've noticed you can still other buttons will committing yourself to pushing other buttons during tasks. Honestly, I this is a huge flaw in console gaming and should be erased with evolution of hardware. A few years ago, SCUF Gaming introduced the paddle buttons on the back of the Xbox 360 Controller to many console gamers. Those gamers today have owned their Scuf Controllers ever since because it's of the convenience that transitions into superior gameplay.

Just my two cents, I just want more game immersion and less of what has been done before.