Looking Back At Samsung's Galaxy S4




How in the world did such a device get so much hate? I mean, just look at those bezels! So much thinner than the S5 and many other phones released today. It has rounded bottom and top corners. And a pretty nice silver band around it for gripping. I also really like the home button. The specs were also top notch, and a great display. Not to mention probably the best android camera quality released at the time. The plastic back could easily be remedied by a soft touch back cover, or dbrand skin (which are usually awesome).The software seems to be the only major issue but seemingly only for techies. I don't think the average consumer actively hates touchwiz. And if anything, aren't the tech enthusiasts the main ones who can EASILY root it and load stock android onto it? Seems like a pretty insignificant complaint for the android community.

So why did this device get so much hate? I honestly don't understand it. Looking at the s5, I think we have a classic case of how an oem tried hard to change things up due to all the hate from their community (android fans), and took a step BACKWARD as a result.

With the S4 recently getting android 4.4. I'm honestly really thinking about getting an S4 (probably at a great price point right now), and loading stock android onto it. And if the S6 looks more like the s4 (more rounded corners, even less bezel, metal band with S5 back), I definitely will be getting it.