Will Nokia still debate meaninglessly on 930 series Phones?

I am not talking about WP OS here, but Nokia has steller phones. Period.

920 has a great Camera, great Display and Wireless Charging.

925, looks premium, slim and still holds onto that great 920 camera

1020 is still the best camera phone in the market and many have bought it just for the sake of its camera.

All of these have one deficiency in common.


Nokia says, having a memory card affects the beauty of the device, but anyone with senses will never buy that argument.

Nokia succumbed to US Carriers pressure and even forgot that they are going to sell the same device not just in US.

With WP 8.1 giving tonnes of power to a memory card, like installing apps on memory card & recent reports of 128 GB card working perfectly on WP,

1. Will you buy a 930 series phone without memory card?

2. Can Nokia afford to make the same mistake of releasing the 930 series phone without a memory card?