PS Vita vs a high-end android phone

So, should i get a PS Vita or a high end android device? (i.e., LG G2)

I think the 2014 lineup for PS Vita looks promising. And i have a bunch of titles i'm interested in, like Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Tearaway, Killzone, P4G, to name a few.

Does android have games like that? You know what i'm talking about. Full console-like games.

Spec-wise, LG G2 has newer processors. Both the CPU and GPU are better than the one in Vita. BUT the G2 pushes way more pixels than the Vita. So i guess graphically, the horsepower is just equal, or the Vita wins 'cause of the qHD screen?

And one BIG advantage of the Vita: Full set of physical controls. (well, almost. If only they included L2 and R2)

So, which has better games, better performance, and better overall gaming experience?