Anyone have tips for improving battery life on Nexus 5?

The Nexus 5 is a great phone, no doubt. (though I wish I would have went with the black version -___-)

I'm just not satisfied with the battery life I'm getting. My day starts at about 8 and I usually have to find a charger before going out after dinner around 7. I'm used to going all day with my past Nexus devices (One, GNex, 4). I tried the Snapdragon BatteryGuru app but it seemed to be marginally effective at best. I just started using Greenify but it hasn't made any noticeable differences.

What does make a huge difference is when I turn location off. Then I get the battery life I'm looking for. Even when it's on and set to "GPS Only" it still seems to suck battery. Although when it's off I can't use Cerberus, and I'd like to keep that functioning. I also don't get to use location based cards in Google Now.

I'm completely stock now but I always get around to rooting my phones. I'm confident I can get better battery life with the benefits of rooting, but I'd rather see if I can get better results stock.

I'm not a real heavy user either.. I rarely get 3 hrs screen on time.. usually 2.5. Isn't that fairly low?

So what have you guys found that helps? Can I somehow use location more efficiently? Or should I just root..


My battery life has gotten noticeably better. These are the only changes I made:

  1. Started using Greenify, hibernating nearly every app.
  2. Stopped using auto brightness. Installed Lux but I'm still adjusting manually until I learn more about the app. I'm keeping brightness at about 20% now. 20% is surprisingly bright.
  3. Turned off "Location Reporting" in the Location settings.

I'm pretty satisfied with the results as of now. I don't have any battery stats because my usage the last few days has been sporadic and abnormal. The phone is lasting noticeably longer though. Thanks everyone!