Forget a Surface Mini, Microsoft should do a Portable Console

I have reached the point in my life (college if you must know), where I am always on the go and I`m currently out of town and you know what would be great? Having a Portable Xbox Console to beef up my Xbox Live Gamerscore (I just reached over 7000, lol). I hear these constant hype rumors on these forums and on WPCentral about a Surface MIni but, I think more than anything Microsoft should do a Portable Console.

What makes Sonys offerings so enticing is not only lower price points, but the fact that games can work on the PSVita and a PS4 and its quality gaming on the go. I am actually contemplating getting the PSVita 2000 when it gets released in the U.S. because I would like to game on the go. I would love just a Microsoft Xbox Portable device even more so because I already have a Xbox Live account, I don`t care if it does not work with my Xbox 360, I just would like to game on the go, I would actually get rid of my Xbox 360 if they offered this. I know a very small vocal minority may want a Surface Mini, but I think a Xbox Portable device would be a better device to put out.

I think Windows Phone does this to some degree and I know some of you may argue that. But, I think a portable console would be better because it would be built from the ground up for gaming on the go and not just some add on, on a Phone OS. Maybe I`m just rambling, but I think it`s a good idea. What do you guys think?