OneDrive annoyance: long file paths

I work on a few development projects at home and used Dropbox for a while as a simple backup solution and Github for actual versioning, but lately I thought, hey, let's move to to OneDrive.

Bad idea.

I set up a Node.js project in my OneDrive, work for a couple days or so until I notice it's not syncing with my other devices anymore. Indeed, the Windows 8.1 laptop I'm working on has a tiny little warning sign on the OneDrive icon in Explorer saying there's a problem with syncing. How helpful.

Finally, I find out the Metro version of OneDrive has an actual, useful error message. Apparently, Microsoft thinks my file paths are too long. Seriously? Not only does it not sync these files, it doesn't sync at all.

I moved the project back to Dropbox, no problem. Google Drive is also just fine.

I know it's somewhat of a niche use case, but why would you enforce an arbitrary limit on file path length?

I really want to love and use Microsoft products, but, please, stop giving me reasons not to!

P.S. I also can't use my Outlook account within the Windows 8 Mail app since January or so; it can't receive nor send messages. Good thing Gmail works. Sort of.