So, what's YOUR cloud photo storage setup?

Hey gang,

I've been getting really into mobile photography recently and had been using Google Auto Backup for a while now and, after using software like Snapseed and more recently VSCO Cam, I learned Google Photos doesn't play nice with third-party apps.

Yes, I know Snapseed integration is built into Google+ now, but for some reason I dig the native app better. However, unless I'm doing something wrong, my processed photos from my Snapseed folder and VSCO Cam folder are uploaded to Google+ only some of the times, oddly, and even when they are, they aren't added to my highlights until I manually added them on my desktop. It's a mess and a headache just to have photos backed up.

I saw a video on here last year where one of the Verge staff uses Google+ backup for raw photos but Flickr for finished products. Is that a good solution?

What do you guys do? I'm interested to hear your setups.