MXM Graphics Card Question

Hi, the title says it all so I'll get right to the point.

I have an HP Z1 that I mainly use for Solidworks and Photoshop. On my downtown though I like to game and I'm not able to play a lot of games on high with my current graphics card, the Quadro 500M. I would love to get a more powerful graphics card but since my Z1 only takes MXM 3.0 cards I'm not sure how powerful of a card I can get (if that makes sense). I know officially the Z1's most powerful card is the Quadro K4000M, but I would like to get some insight if the K4100M would also be compatible since it says Haswell/Sharkbay generation while I'm running on an Ivy Bridge chipset.

I've embedded a chart comparing all 3 generations of cards.