Vox Hires Brandon Ambrosino

So I log on today to find that Vox has a new hire, which I thought was very cool. Come to find out, it's the notorious homophobe, Brandon Ambrosino. I understand that as a journalistic entity, political views should be taking a backseat, however we can all agree that is really not the case. My question is, is Brandon Ambrosino, a 2-bit author who only made a name for himself by angering the LGBTQIA community really somebody Vox wants to support? I like to think of Vox as a respected, unique, and well thought out journalistic venture, however with hires like this insane homophobe, it's becoming increasingly difficult to do so. I hate posting just to rant, but it seems that no one else on The Verge has picked up on this.

Here's a great source on the issue