So here's a problem I've never experienced before... is it new?

Many iOS apps I'm using that have to do with images are slowly starting to show incredibly lo-res photos version of what were previously "hi-res" photos (in relation to the display, of course).

Since this is fairly new to me, I dont have a bunch of screenshots to show, but here's what I have.

This is what photos look like in VSCO Cam: (EDIT: this is VSCO Grid... not the gallery inside VSCO Cam)



and here is what the photo used to look like in VSCO Cam



This isn't limited to VSCO Cam, however. I have seen it spread over to Instagram and Snapguide as well. A reboot fixed the problem on Instagram, but it still persists in VSCO Cam. Fortunately, this doesn't affect the photo gallery or anything stored on the phone. This only seems to be happening in third party apps pulling information from a server. I'm trying to understand why it persists in other apps and isn't isolated to one offending app. It should also be noted that I am getting a full strength LTE signal at the moment. Images displayed on webpages in a browser aren't affected.

Has anyone else been getting this? I have yet to test this on my rMini, so I will return with results from that.

I checked the Apple Support forums and it appears as if this is a very minor problem affecting only a few people? The support thread hasn't even passed 5 replies.

EDIT: This does not seem to be happening in Facebook or Facebook Paper

I can't tell whether this is a Sprint problem or a problem with how the OS is handling data connections all of a sudden.