Rebooting my life

Alright, so sorry for the odd title, let me explain. Recently (a few weeks ago), my dorm burned down in a fire that burnt through a substantial bit of the 3rd floor of a dorm building at the University of Nebraska Omaha. If you look up the story you might or might not find much about it.

Basically, I lost 90% of my stuff, including my desktop PC, which had an i5 and a gtx 780, so it kinda was a pretty high end machine. Which I am looking to replace at this time. Therefore, the search has been on trying to replace it with another machine. So I want to replace my ruined desktop with a laptop, instead of working on another desktop, and for added portability. This has led me to two conclusions, Razer or Origin.

As most of you know the New Razer Blade is quite an impressive machine for its size and weight, though the cost certainly matches that impressiveness. Origin has a variety of machines, though I am interested in building on their 15 inch model the EON 15-S, though it is basically over an inch thicker and around 3 pounds heavier than the Blade, with better specs for a slightly cheaper cost.

To break it down I am looking to decide between these 2 machines, and have listed my opinions about their pros and cons:

Razer Blade 14 inch (2014)
-Awesome Screen (3200x1800)
-Light Weight and Super Thin (4.47 lbs, 0.70 inches)
-GTX 870M (not as powerful as 880M but quite powerful)
-Keyboard & Touchpad & Touchscreen all quite nice

-Cost, starts at $2,199.99 for only 128GB in SSD storage...
-Storage cannot be upgraded, and rather expensive ssd storage ($2,699.99 for 512 GB)...
-8GB RAM (cannot be upgraded, and don't know if it is future proof enough for me)

Origin EON 15-S 15 inch
-Customization, will explain this...
-GTX880M 8GB + i7-4800MQ 2.7/3.7GHz 6MB + 16GB 1600MHz + 320GB @7200RPM for $2,208
-The previous pro basically shows the items you could put in for cost, and it could be much cheaper
-Specs are easily more future proof
-Free Titanfall and Daylight + more available at the moment.

-Weight and Thickness (7.3 lbs, 1.77 inches)
-SSD does increase cost a fair bit, though I have an 240GB Intel SSD I could put inside it.
-No Touchscreen, and Touchpad not as nice.
-1080p screen is just acceptable, but a slight bummer.

So I am looking forward to all thoughts and suggestions and hope to get some good feedback on this matter.

Lord Balmont ;)