The Verge loves The Weird

Anyone find weird how often The Verge uses 'weird' in a headline? Not a big deal, just thought it was curious.

The weird world of 'Flappy Bird' clones

Beautiful disasters: NewHive is making the web weird again

The amazing products of Weird Sony

'The New Aibo': Sony taps its weird, wild past to sell a very normal smartphone

The weird, wonderful art of 'Glitch' is now public domain

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Sony gets weird again with a PlayStation 4 homage to Daft Punk

Samsung weird: how a phone launch went from Broadway glitz to sexist mess

The business of play: inside the weird world of Toy Fair 2014


'Mario Kart' in real life is real weird Video games are weird again

Treasured moments? Inside the weird world of 4D prenatal portraits

Siri says some weird things

CES 2013 gets weird

Scientists find weird new property of matter that breaks all the rules

Xbox One, the destroyer: Microsoft's weird marketing blitz is novelty sized

I think, therefore I heal: the weird science of neurofeedback

The long, weird lead-up to John McAfee's arrest

Chasing ghosts: the weird science of tracking the dead

‘Room 237’ director Rodney Ascher on the weird world of ‘The Shining’ conspiracy theories

The weird, stylish posters David Lynch movies got in Japan

The weird and wild interfaces of CES 2013

Artificial eloquence: the weird science of computer-generated poetry

The future is now, the future is weird: an expedition into the dark heart of CES

Adult Swim shows Comic-Con its weird new 'Hot Package'

This list is by no means exhaustive.