Useful Mods for Minecraft 1.7.5

Minecraft is a sandbox/freeroam game that allows you to build anything. It is basically a digitized version of popular buildings blocks known as LEGO. The Minecraft comes with Creative, Survival and Hardcore mode.

Creative mode lets you build anything without any limitation of blocks/items

Survival mode unleashes your character into the wild, you have survive, gather resources and build your own shelter. It has quests too.

Hardcore Mode It's basically survival mode with enhanced difficulty.

The default (Vanilla) version of Minecraft offers pretty much everything but you can make it even more interesting by using community based modifications. By using these mods you can customize inventory, add mini-games, custom maps, plugins, textures, sounds and the non-player characters. So here are some Minecraft mods to help you get started with the game.

OptiFine HD - Performance enhancement mod. Boosts the Vanilla Minecraft and gives you twice more FPS and options to improve the graphics.

MCPatcher HD Fix - MCPatcher lets you install additional resource packs and vanilla mods automatically. You don't need to mess with the internal files.

TooManyItems - A must have inventory management tool. Gives you unlimited stacks, save/load option and better crafting.

X-Ray Mod- Lets you turn on X-Ray feature in your Minecraft world. Shows diamonds, redstone and other blocks. Comes handy in survival. Also considered cheating in some servers.

Rei's Minimap Mod - Adds a minimap on the right top corner of screen for navigating throughout the biome. Also lets you set waypoints