Marco Arment's Criticism of iOS 7.1

I’m glad Apple’s improving iOS 7’s visual usability by adding yet another toggle, but the need for Button Shapes, Bold Text, Increase Contrast, On/Off Labels, and Reduce Motion shows significant flaws in iOS 7’s design. (At least the ultra-thin fonts in beta 1 didn’t ship.)

It’s easy to design something attractive that’s not very usable, and it’s easy to design something usable that’s unattractive. The challenge is striking a balance, and iOS 7 made too many usability sacrifices to achieve attractiveness.

Apple knows this, so it’ll be interesting to see how it’s revised next year. If iOS 8 can’t remove any of these options, it’s a design failure.

He's right that iOS 7's design is flawed, but wrong about it being a good idea to use yet another kludge to fix them and wrong about Apple understanding good software design. Tim Cook doesn't understand software well enough to spot these flaws.

The least Apple could do for iOS 8 is combine all these unnecessary options into one option called "Bullshit."