Gerd Ludwig, a National Geographic photojournalist, has spent the past 20 years capturing images of the desolate, dangerously radioactive "exclusion zone" surrounding the defunct Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine. His work captures apocalyptic abandoned structures and local residents still suffering health effects from the 1986 nuclear plant meltdown. Ludwig says he's even risked his own health by entering deeper into the plant than any Western journalist, into areas of such high radiation, he had only seconds to take a picture. Although he's already shared many of the resulting images with the public through his website, exhibits, and an iPad app, he's now seeking to compile over 100 of them into a gorgeous hardcover book, and he's turning to Kickstarter to secure the funds. The Long Shadow of Chernobyl photo book will also include redacted CIA documents about the disaster. Backers can secure a signed copy for a $150 pledge, and Ludwig's off to a good start so far: he's already more than halfway to his goal of $20,000 with more than a month left to go. Head over to his Kickstarter to contribute.