Graffiti has traditionally been put up quickly and under almost complete darkness to allow artists to avoid detection while painting places without permission, but one designer has thought of a simple way to give spray painters just a little bit of extra light to work by. Product designer Subinay Malhotra has created concept mockups of Lash, a light attachment for spray-paint cans that would allow artists to see what their can is pointed at and how their work is coming along. The product is essentially a small base that a spray-paint can would be set into, surrounding the can with a small strap that contains a pair of lights to illuminate what's in front of it.

Malhotra's idea is to make the attachment extremely portable too: because Lash is just a base, it would be easy to swap between cans; and Malhotra even envisions making Lash's battery able to recharge by motion, so shaking a can would be able to keep the light powered when its battery runs low. Of course, any light might be too much when spray-painting somewhere you shouldn't, but Lash is still an interesting idea for how spray painters could give themselves an easier work environment without totally giving themselves away.