Windows 8.2 [Concept: Desktop, taskbar, quick reply notifications]


I've been working on some ideas for an integrated approach to the Windows desktop with metro in some earlier posts and I have refined some of the appearances in this post (earlier post and descriptions here). I've tried to combine the best of both interfaces and I have also allowed for the most flexibility with the settings available in the "view" setting.

Enjoy! (Click any of the pictures to enlarge.)

Taskbar and Jump Lists

  • Navigate to the bottom right or left hotcorner to display taskbar (while in an app).
  • The charms bar is still activated like normal.

  • Navigating to the base of the start screen with a mouse brings up the task bar (while in an app, you have to use the bottom hot corners).

Desktop and Window Options

  • Scroll left and right to preview open apps (all apps are displayed on taskbar including metro apps and legacy apps).
  • The minimize, max, and close buttons appear only when the cursor is being used.

  • Auto-hide taskbar works like normal, but to open it you need to use the hotcorners in an app.
  • Pinning the taskbar makes it always available in all apps.
  • Auto-pop-up makes the taskbar open automatically when you close an app, minimize an app or return to the start screen or desktop.

  • You can snap apps however you want by dragging and dropping them on top of each other and pinching them together. A two finger swipe to the top of the screen will cause them to be maximized together.

Quick Reply Notifications

It's pretty self explanatory. Clicking the little X on the notification will dismiss it, but clicking on the down arrow or swiping down will cause it to expand with more options, such as reply or delete for the mail notifications.

I think that OSX does an excellent job with its quick reply toaster notifications. Applying this would be very useful in Windows 8.

  • This would be a very powerful for quick messaging and deleting of junk mail as it arrives without opening the app.

Interactive Live Tiles

For the mail app, it will work similar to the above interactive notification. Clicking the down arrow causes it to expand and reveal more quick reply options as well as options to scroll through new messages (i.e. the forward and backward arrows).

I've seen some concepts for putting buttons on different live tiles, but they clutter the tile and contrast metro. Here, I've hidden the buttons behind a single invisible button that only appears when it is hovered over (like the notification dismiss button above). Touch users can swipe down on a tile to get the same effect. (See mail app below)

  • Here you can scroll through messages, delete, or reply to the currently listed message.
  • It does look a little out of place to have tiles overlap each other. Perhaps it would look better if the rest of the screen darkened a little as the tile was interacted with?? What do you think?

These are just a couple of my ideas for interactive tiles and notifications for Windows 8.2. What do you think?