Re-tooling The Vergecast and The Verge Mobile Show to make the world a better place.


Perceived lack of 'tech' news on the Vergecast causing extreme cases of pissed off-ness among commentors and forum posters.


The Verge Mobile Show becomes The Verge Tech Show. Much of what we consider technology is mobile in today's age so a natural expansion would include tablets, laptops etc. Expand the pool of hosts/guests to include David Pierce, Tom Warren, Ellis Hamburger, someone from Polygon etc when relevant to the week's news.

The Vergecast becomes the 'culture-culture' show where Josh, Nilay and others (Katie Drummond, Adrianne Jeffries, TC Sottek etc) can talk about science, news, politics, TV and movies; a general 'shoot the shit' kind of show.


World Peace???