Titanfall is ACTUALLY good! What do you think?

So, when Titanfall was first announced and shown at E3 a while back, I was excited. I noticed that it was an Xbox One exclusive. So I was quite. Why?

An Xbox One exclusive mean that I HAD to buy an Xbox One and personally I was set out to buy a PS4 by 2015. Anyhow, I noticed that it was also available on PC. So I thought, what the heck. I won't buy into the hype, however I'll watch closely to see what it turns out to be; if it's worth it, then I'll get it.

A while later, Titanfall is out and it's met with very good to excellent reviews talking about how much fun it is to simply play the game and jump around beating little grunts and squashing teeny tiny pilots with your hand.

So I bought the game. So far, I love it. I've had very minimal issues with it (server-wise) and the way it was creatively directed from a graphical and artistic point of view is superb! The maps are very well designed and do not lack anything at all.

I actually like this game... :|

What do you think of Titanfall?

Do you have it? If so, on Xbox One or PC?

Would you buy an Xbox One for Titanfall? (or build a gaming PC for it!)


via www.wired.com