Screw an iWatch, Tim Cook 'joked' about an iRing!

So a few days ago I read an article linked by LoopInsight ( that talked about how Apple's thought process may lead not to a smart watch but to smartring. Then I googled and saw how Tim Cook made a 'joke' about Apple making a ring ( So now we have a situation where Tim Cook said the glass was for an ring and it's taken to be a joke (where's the punchline?) and yet every time Tim Cook specifically doesn't say smartwatch but 'wearable, we automatically translate it as smart watch anyway. Even though we know that Cook wears a Fuelband and thinks Nike executed it really well (Apple doesn't enter markets unless they think they can do it much better).

I also like the reasoning Craig uses for a iRing. Simple fact is, I don't wear a smartwatch. While I actually like the new Gear 2 and Gear Fit, I wouldn't if I didn't find them attractive. They're fashion accessories first and foremost for me. A ring would be the same (and more unnoticeable on me , meaning I'm less likely to take it off at night or while working out).

I think a there's a lot to be said for a smartring. And considering the point of wearable technology is to wear it, I don't see how a ring (which is something most people will continue to wear, even if it's just a wedding band) is more funny than a smartwatch (look at your wrist right now). And of course, Steve Jobs was the master at letting folks assume what he meant. Tim learned from Steve for over a decade. This isn't rocket science, Apple is releasing a smartring.