The Deception is Now: inciting ad clicks through dubious ad layouts

As I'm sure many of you have noticed, The Verge has started using ads that are clearly pretending to be legitimate articles. Currently, there is an article on the front page that is marked as "from our sponsor." A video with that same title shows up in the video player.


Personally, I think this is kind of an awful business practice. Sure, if you're paying attention at all you will notice that it is an ad and not a proper article. However, it it obvious that they are trying to pretend that it is an article in order to trick people into clicking on it.

I don't know anything about marketing but I like not tricking your potential clients should be marketing 101. Even if I am interested in Intel, I would just be ticked off if I was tricked into reading an ad when I thought I was reading a real article.

Verge, please stop doing this. You're making yourself look like some shitty spam site rather than a legitimate business.