iPhone 6 Specs Leaked?

Sonny Dickson, the man known for endlessly leaking the iPhone 5c and 5s last year and a perfect track record, has tweeted some alleged iPhone 6 specs.


Let's analyze some of these specs:

- 0.22 inches thin: 0.22 inches thin measures 5.5mm, compared to the current iPhone 5s at 7.6mm thin. If that's true, then (a) the new iPhone will incorporate some incredible new battery technology and (b) it'll have an all new design completely different from the current 5 and 5s because you can't make this current design this thin! I find this particular number very hard to believe. The current iPod Touch is not even close to 5.5mm to make the iPhone that thin, and no phone in the world is close to that kind of thinness.

- Ultra-Retina screen will be 389ppi: If this is true, then the iPhone 6 will finally have a new resolution to incorporate. Since we know the ppi count, we could estimate the screen size and resolution:

1080p @ 4.7 - 5 inches: We should rule out this one first, 1080p in a 4.7 - 5 inch phone will result in around 440ppi, which is higher than the 389ppi that Sonny is claiming.

1080p @ 5.5 inches: Apple could choose to go with 1080p, but at a bigger screen size, around 5.5 inches. The ppi count will result in 377ppi, which is very close to the claimed 389ppi. To match perfectly with 389ppi and 1080p resolution, the screen size will have to be exactly 5.32 inches.

2270x1280 @ 5.5 inches: Apple could opt to double-pixel the iPhone 5/5c/5s resolution of 1136x640, to result in 2270x1280. Even at 5.5 inches big, it'll be over 500ppi. To bring it close to 389ppi, the screen will have to be over 7 inches. If we base our assumptions on the 389ppi, this one is pretty ruled out too. Plus, pixel-doubling would not add any on-screen realestate, so it would be pretty useless to increase the screen size without any extra info on-screen.

Option #2 is most likely based on Sonny's tweet.

A8 Processor running at 2.6 GHz: If this is true, then the iPhone will become the absolute king of benchmarks. The iPhone 5s is already killing it with benchmarks with a dual-core 1.7 GHz A7 chip. I think with that kind of processor speed at 2.6 GHz, I think it's safe to assume that this processor should probably have 4 cores, and at least 2GB of RAM. This should be the year that 64-bit should really take off.

From what we've seen so far, this is shaping to be one of the biggest updates to iPhone in its history. Excited :)