I like workplaces where it's just about dat action boss.


Doesn't matter which road you take to reach the end destination. The only important thing is to get your workload completed, and with high quality.

For instance, I'm a full-time employee at HTC as a front-end web developer, and some weeks I'll be working the typical 40 hours, some a lot less than that. Some weeks I'll work onsite, other times I've worked at home for over two weeks straight.

Doesn't matter if I go off and dick around by watching random YouTube videos.

Doesn't matter if I take an extended lunch, and then just disappear afterwards for the day.

Doesn't matter if I start ranting about taboo subjects like politics and race relations with my co-workers.

I actually showed up to my initial interview wearing a hoodie, shorts, and flip-flops.

I curse and bitch frequently regarding things I perceive to be wrong, which all my co-workers can attest to.

A workplace where I get to be myself with little to no inhibitions, and get to freely (constructively) criticize anyone, regardless of rank.


Yeah, that's how I like it.


At least that's how it is within the web engineering team at HTC.

BTW, if this sounds good to you and you live in the Seattle area, we're actually looking for another front-end web developer to join us as a contractor. Just click into my profile and give me a shoutout if you're interested.