I hate the Xbox One Dashboard

Seriously, what the fuck!? Since day one, I disliked the way the Xbox One's dashboard worked and how so many features were missing but I was willing to live with it and wait for the updates. So we got an update recently and even though some of the features are back it's still fundamentally flawed.

I haven't really spent much time playing games on my Xbox One due to the lack of games but once TitanFall was released I've been playing non stop and I just realized how much Microsoft actually ruined what was once a great piece of software. Just a little background, my current gamertag has been active on Xbox Live for 10 years so I've seen pretty much every iteration of the Xbox Dashboard since the original's matrix green looking dash to the 360 blades, to the NXE and every version there after as well.

Microsoft has seriously gone backwards with this new dashboard, they're trying sooooo hard to make it a seamless experience that would feel natural and familiar to people and they've accomplished the complete opposite. So what's the problem? Windows! Xbox was such a great product before it felt like an actual Microsoft product and now that they've essentially shoved that whole Windows feeling down our throats it has become a much worse product.

When I use the dashboard while playing a game either to send a message, send an invite, or any other basic functionality that involves friends you basically have to dashboard to open a new app and do whatever it is you want, afterwards you have to leave that app go back to the dashboard and go back into the app you were in before. On the 360 once you were done inviting someone all you had to do was press the guide button again and the popup window would disappear putting you back into whatever you doing before. Microsoft has created extra steps and many extra button presses to do the same things which were much faster to do on the 360, my question is why?

Having to Dashboard everytime I want to do something on the Xbox One feels the exact same way I felt when using a mouse on Windows 8 for the first time having to go back to the 'start' screen'. There are so many other things that I hate about the Dashboard but I won't even bother with those since this is my biggest problem with it.

Xbox 360
Step #1 Press guide button (popup window)
Step #3 Create party, send invite, etc etc
Step #4 Press guide button again and resume previous session
You could have a Step #5 Profit!!! and still be less steps than Xbox One.

Xbox One
Step #1 Press dashboard button (go into dashboard)
Step #2 Find Friends App
Step #3 Move thumbstick or directional pad until Friends App is selected
Step #4 Press Friends App
Step #5 Wait for Friends App to load tons of unnecessary shit errr sorry I meant Feed
Step #6 Go to friends section, select friend, invite, etc etc
Step #7 Press dashboard button again (go back to dashboard)
Step #8 Find Game App and press it

Am I the only one who is bothered by this? Is there a faster way to do this without having to leave the app or game you're currently in? And please don't say snap because I think snapping is even worst.Is this one of those times when I'm simply using it wrong? If so I want to know!

I think "bring back the guide popup" should be the next "bring back the start menu" campaign!