Classy Acustom Apparel ads

This is sort of a strange thing to note, but I thought it might be of interest to more people than just me.

Surely others of you have noticed the Acustom Apparel ads appearing among the first block of articles, and what made me take note of it was how peculiar and inconspicuous it was. The simple blue bar tipped me off that there was something unusual about this text. Upon reading it I actually did a double take. This can't be an ad. There aren't any graphics, any sounds, and this isn't even a link to the brands webpage. What's going on!?

What I find most interesting is that this led me to type their brand into Google myself. As soon as I started typing I thought to myself "those clever bastards." I think in a way they're onto something brilliant. When we're so used to our websites being surrounded by colorful, moving, expanding, crazy ads that we subconsciously ignore, a minuscule and modest bit of text can draw more attention than you would expect in all the noise.

Just a weird, side note. Thanks for reading.