Podcast suggestions?

Hi guys.

Can you recommend some good tech/science/history podcasts with great hosts?

My podcast experience is a bit incomplete now.

I started listening to audio podcasts only couple of years ago when I bought an iPod and got hooked to "Josh and his crew". Then discovered the awesome Verge Mobile show and then the Engadget mobile podcast which tnkgrl Myriam used to host. The Stuff You Should Know podcast was the next on my subscription list, with the awesome duo of Josh and Chuck. Now I listen to an episode everyday.

I want more.

The Vergecast isn't entertaining to me anymore. I still listen to it, but rarely enjoy it. Paul has left, and Nilay and Josh don't podcast together. And when they do, the topics are mostly uninteresting to me. Since Myriam left Engadget, their mobile show has become too boring with no strong feelings or thoughts, just reading news, so I unsubscribed.

I am left with the Verge Mobile show and the Stuff ones. Most days I do not have any new episodes to listen to. So a little help will be much appreciated.