I'm worried about Vox Creative, Ad Articles.

If you follow the verge via RSS, you might have noticed two posts in the past week from "Vox Creative" they don't link to actual articles, but they did happen. This is the account that's been posting: http://www.theverge.com/users/Vox%20Creative


via pbs.twimg.com

These "Articles" are very obviously ads. The first one was for Acustom Apparel and the most recent one is for Intel. The main image for each was an obvious product shot / ad produced by the company being written about.


via pbs.twimg.com

Presenting ads as articles would be a new low for the verge.

EDIT: I fully support The Verge using sponsored stories and video to support their site. I don't mind having sponsored content that circumvents ad block, I want to support The Verge, flash banner ads and ads that pop-over the content have no place on a site like this. This post was purely pointing out that sponsored stories shouldn't be pushed to RSS, I click through and read articles natively (as do most RSS users), so those stories will still be visible in the sidebar and front page. So far they have been interesting and well produced, so I'll continue to read them, too. If these articles must be sent to RSS then they should clearly say sponsored, so far they haven't.