Xbox Music

Can someone PLEASE explain to me how to use this app...

It doesn't seem to do anything I want it to do at all!!!!

Things I want to do:

1. Add an album to my phone

2. Change track data (album name/album art/track name etc)

3. Create a playlist and add it to my phone.

I've gone more or less a year without touching Xbox Music on my PC, solely relying on Drag & Drop to get music from my computer to my Windows 8 phone.

But the last couple of albums I have downloaded and put onto my phone have appeared as "Unknown Artist - Unknown Album" on my phone with all the songs from different artists jumbled up into one album.

SO i just want to find this album, highlight the songs which I know is from a particular artist and copy & paste those songs into a new album. If anyone can tell me how to do that I will stop pulling my hair out and not be forced to throw my laptop out of the window...


P.S Zune music player was perfect

P.P.S Xbox Music has regressed putting music onto other devices by 10 + years, to the point I actively try to avoid using my PC to manage my music collection.

P.P.P.S If ANYONE can help me complete my task using Zune music player alone, then I will be forever grateful

P.P.P.P.S If you have to use more than one app to complete the SIMPLE task of putting music onto my phone, then Windows = fail