Is the kinect worth the extra £50(approx)?

I'm very interested in one of the new consoles to upgrade from my Xbox 360 4gb model.

I'm not a big social online gamer so don't have many online friends to tie me to a particular console, nor have I got into an exclusive game series (I have one halo game). I enjoy FIFA the occasional COD and am partial to a bit of Forza.

As as for entertainment I watch series on Netflix and use iPlayer, 4OD etc which I belive are on both consoles.

So, which has the best implementation of these entertainment features, are there any exclusive games I'm going to really miss by going one way or the other with a next gen console, are the controls significantly better one, and crucially, is a kinect with its voice and motion control enough of an incentive to pay that little extra?

From my research, they both seem very very similar, does anyone have an experience or reason why they think one wins over the other?