Unable to download iOs 7.1 due to my ISP?

In the past, I have always been able to download iOs to my computer or phone at very fast speeds. 1GB files or larger typically have been completed in less than a half hour. But during the past four days, the download speeds to download iOs 7.1 have been unbearably slow, sometimes at 20kb/sec. After doing tests, my speeds to all other web services are normal. I looked at Apple's forums, and other with the same ISP(Verizon Fios in NJ) have been having the same issues. Does anyone know of any third party links to download iOs 7.1 from? I pay for and get 50 down/35 up, but for whatever reason, those relatively fast speeds mean nothing when downloading from whatever CDN Apple uses. I know there are reports that Verizon is throttling Netflix, could they also be throttling Apple services?