Apple has contacted Swiss watch manufacturers...

The swiss newspaper "Handelsjournal" has published an interesting article...

Automatic Translation:

The tech giant is looking for his iWatch Swiss know-how. However, interest seems limited: After Hublot now issued a further major federal watchmaker Apple a rejection.

In his lab in Cupertino, Calif. Apple is working on the fabled iWatch. Techfans around the globe are eagerly waiting when the intelligent clock finally hits the market. For the American group the timepiece could be the next big thing and become another bestseller. Because no matter whether iPhone or iPad - almost everything the tech giant tackled in recent years, rinsed a lot of money into the coffers.

Accordingly, companies are keen on cooperation with the American giant - one would actually mean. But far from it: Compared to "" reiterated Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver past Wednesday that the Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches was not interested in working with Apple. "We have no plans with Apple," says Biver.

Patek Philippe: "No interest in cooperating with Apple"

One reason for this seems to be the perceived discrepancy between the products of Hublot and Apple. The luxury watches Hublot live on their image of exclusivity. With the 5 - million - clock of the Geneva Group holds the record for the most expensive clock in the world. Hublot watches are known for their durability over decades , Biver told the magazine " PME ", " while the Apple products become obsolete within a few years . "

This makes Hublot in Switzerland no single case: Other luxury companies also give very cautious. Richemont about would not relate to demand for a possible cooperation with Apple position. Cartier has reported that there was no collaboration with Apple.

Significant is the Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe , as measured by the brand value of 1,534 million Swiss francs, after all, the number four on the Swiss market , " Patek Philippe places great value on their independence ," it says there. The Group generally go no partnerships : " So there is no interest in a cooperation with Apple ."