Things are greener the other side of the fence.

Soon my Wife is going to celebrate her birthday, as usual, I'm going to give her a technology product that she would want to buy herself but I neglect it because its too expensive :P. A small tablet she could carry on her purse would be choice this year.

I faced a big dilemma, I'd buy a Windows 8 tablet for myself, I just like Windows 8 better, but, since my wife is going to use her tablet primarily for leisure (soon to enter 7 month of pregnancy), I came to the conclusion that a Windows 8 tablet just will not do a great job on that.

The problem is not just the apps, the problem is the Windows 8 tablet interface by itself, while it is very easy to navigate, it is just too unfamiliar for people to get used to. People just don't like unfamiliar things, and to be completely honest, a person coming from Windows XP will feel more comfortable on an iPad than a Windows 8 tablet.

I think Windows 8 is like the "Hey Ya!" song of the OS's, "Hey Ya!" as Windows 8 hit all marks to be an instant hit, it was bold, it was fun, it was catchy, but it was too different and people instantly rejected it. For the first months it was a big flop. Luckily Hey Ya! promoters figured out a plan to have Hey Ya playing in between hit songs, eventually people started to like the song and even crave for it then it became a success.

Like the producers of Hey Ya Microsoft is trying to mix Metro into the desktop, hope that strategy works, but for now, Windows 8 just wont cut it for her.