Time limitation for children : why is it missing on iOS ?

Mobile devices are mandatory for our children ; as well as many new innovative educational apps. It's like informatics in the 80s. Children HAVE to use them ; take full advantage of this new technology. Not at any price.

Today, Apple encourages intensive and uncontrolled use of games by teenagers, hiding behind good words of "education", "communication" and "music" on the TV ads. GAMES GAMES GAMES. That's what children want. That's what they harrass us with. Work is a pretext for gaming on these fabulous game consoles.

It is our duty to allow children using iOS for their development instead of lust.

We need a user based session system (just like on OSX)
We need time, daily and weekly time limitations
We need a system of "tokens" to easily allow periods of gamings (e.g : allow gaming for 1 hour, and not more).

I read once that this incredible lack on iOS devices was intentional, in order to make children addicts to iOS devices, and future game consumers. I also read that allowing only one user per iOS device was made to incite people buying several devices in a family. I thought it was just because iOS was too young, and defended Apple blindly... But now we are ready to get the 8th version of iOS. That is too late. Too much. This is really annoying.

I would really advise Apple doing something very significant on that point, otherwise parents like me will certainly ban these addictive products for the health of their children.

I just wanted to share that feeling with the community, and maybe find solutions. I posted this comment twice on the Apple Community Forum, but it was deleted in less than 2 minutes. Maybe something too disturbing for the "Haunted Empire" ??