Are musicians not keeping up with innovation from technology?

It seems like every day I read a blog post from one talking about how not many people care about music anymore and I think it's unreal. Majority of those posts are just flat out whining and it's grinds my gears to see these guys walk so blind. I'm just tired of the same old shit and their personality of "we can't do anything about." There is just no need for it. I feel like they just don't try enough, they make their Twitters and Facebook for social media and just call it a day. There is no need for them to fly so blind, like for example, we have random people becoming huge personalities by playing video games on Twitch.TV. Why can't these musicians just open their eyes and realize there is more to social media? They could literally just Kickstart their own clone of Twitch but for musicians and stream from their own place or studio to be themselves. Just my two cents, what do you guys think?