Google releases some product renderings, The Verge goes nuts

Is any one else as unimpressed by the deluge of attention the new Google Android watches are getting as I am?

The most recent sycophantic example is this article:

A few points I want to make:

1. These are obvious renderings to showcase an OS. Are there watches that will run the new version of Android being made? Of course. But these pictures mean NOTHING. Without a doubt what Google has shown us today is beautiful but so what? These are still renderings of products no one has seen.

2. Unless there's been a leap in screen technology overnight these watches will either have very crappy low-res screens or terrible battery life, which would mean back to square one in our search for the perfect smart watch. So the hype is unwarranted.

3. Finally, even if these watches, in their current form, were technologically viable, these are still just pictures. The pictures are beautiful, NOT the watches themselves, because as of yet public versions of the watches do not exist. So the headline, "A closer look at Google's gorgeous smartwatches" not only makes The Verge look biased but also raises questions about the site's technological awareness. What they should have said is something along the lines of, "These look beautiful as pictures but we have some serious questions about how they will work in real life."

My thoughts are not sourced from any particular enmity directed towards Google or The Verge--I am a regular reader of the site. But I feel that the way The Verge handled this announcement is emblematic of the blatant biases of site's coverage of tech news in general. Furthermore, its coverage of Google's new Android OS betrays the Verge's inability to rise up above its image as just another fancy blog site and not a legitimate news organization.