Android native file viewer support needs to improve

Yesterday i deleted adobe reader from my tablet as i had some issues with it, and in the process of re-installing from play, i was also organizing my dropbox documents.

I clicked on one PDF file, which gave me a message "no app is installed to open this file" obviously i never noticed they were opening in reader instead of dropbox's internal viewer, which was sort of a shock.

Also while chrome and other browsers are generally very good with playing mp3s and videos, try opening a doc/docx/pdf/xls file and you have no choice but to download it.

This has become something that i think android should support. When i used to have the iPhone, i remember opening PDFs in safari, and doc files in dropbox and they would open, and yesterday i found that iOS actually has support for all these file types, while android doesn't, weird.

And now it becomes apparent why my mom can open all those ppt/xls/doc/pdf/pptx/xlsx/docx files directly from her email without a single reader app installed on her iPhone 4, while i can't do the same on my GS4 unless an app is installed.

May be it is because android has user accessible file system but i don't like to use a PC, i am using a mobile device and i would rather have the app "just work" i.e. open the file without installing an app and then going to a file system to find where it was downloaded to..

Well, off to installing adobe reader again...time to submit a feature request to android team as well.