Are there four comedic actors who could pull off a new Ghostbusters movie?

So, Dan Aykroyd has been talking about a third Ghostbusters movie for the better part of a decade, but now it seems like it might actually happen. I'll believe it when I see it... but on the off chance it happens, it'll be a trainwreck, right?

Is there any way around that sad fate? Is there any chance there are four actors who would work well enough together to give this potential mess the charm and hilarity it desperately will need to be a success?

I'm wracking my brain trying to think of them, but I am not that well-versed in comedy. Who the heck could possibly elevate this movie to a place of success?

If the answer is no one, I'm willing to accept that.

Part of me thinks that Nick Offerman might make a good "straight man." Rain Wilson could be a good scientist as long as he avoids the annoying Dwight Schrute stuff. I dunno. I'm just terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.