What do you think a Microsoft smartwatch should look like?

Obviously we know what Samsung and Google think a smartwatch should be. But what about Microsoft?

The obvious ones:

Windows Phone/RT/8.1 integration (or maybe just Windows Phone? It might not be practical to combine desktop/tablet computing with something as portable as a watch)

Cortana, of course. If it's everything it's hyped up to be it'll outdo Google Now on the wrist.

Metro UI. The dark theme could pair nicely with an OLED screen to increase battery life, and lower processor requirements compared to the frosted glass of iOS or the clutter of Android could help solidify Microsoft's stake in the lower-end market.

Wallet. Microsoft hasn't shown much of what they'd like Wallet to look like, and a watch could be a great way to get into the mobile payments market.

Some less obvious ones/wishful thinking:

Not licensing their watch OS to OEMs. This might be either a curse or a blessing, but it'll allow Microsoft to have full reign over specifications and optimisation of the hardware. We've already seen from Surface that Microsoft can make beautiful hardware, and to expand their visual style to a wearable would be really nice, too. Also, Microsoft's purchase of Nokia's hardware division could allow it to make some Nokia branded watches with the same hardware but a different shell, like the plastic found on Lumias.

Sleep/fitness tracking. Samsung has shown its focus on health already, but Microsoft could one-up them by including sleep tracking like the Jawbone Up or the Lark. Fitness would allow Microsoft to get into that market, and, if they were to unveil a watch before WWDC, get into the market before Apple.

Support for round displays. They look really cool.

Qi charging. A port on the watch would be exhausting to plug in.

Is there anything you'd want to see?