Google's big international push

Whenever there's a thread with a topic like "What complaints about do you have about Android? or "What should Google do differently?", the topic of international availability is always a huge issue. So it's worth taking note of the fact that Google seems to be making a concerted effort to address this problem. Look at all the steps they've taken in this past week:

(Sources: Digital content; hardware devices)

Whenever this type of news breaks, most of the comments invariably focus on the countries that are still left out. (I'm familiar with this tendency, since I'm also living in a country that was completely left out of the recent expansion.) But with everyone (understandably) focussed on who is still left out, it hides the fact that Google has already achieved quite a lot here. To get a sense of how bad things used to be, look at these maps, from just one and a half years ago, and see how terrible Google's international presence used to be compared to Apple in particular:

Obviously I'm not saying that Google should wave the "mission accomplished" flag. There are large parts of the world that still need to be covered, hardware availability is still a problem, and services like Magazines and TV Shows are particularly badly represented. But it does seem like international availability is a big priority area for Google, and I just hope that each of their services will keep adding new countries to the list.