How would you use your SmartWatch?

Now that Google has released Android Wear, which is pretty spectacular. Its probably the first product from Google which has actually excited me and I believe it has thousands and thousands of use cases.

For me I would use it for:

1. I drive a lot and most of the time I am on my two wheeler. A Watch would help me a lot in navigating from place to anathor, by not having to stop by, take the phone out to check if I am the right track and then moving ahead. The information is right there when I need it.

2. I believe the watch is an excellent music player remote. I know there are explicit buttons available on headset itself, but having a visual way to control the music play through the phone, without having to take it out is awesome.

3. A way to control a Camera functions through the watch. How about streaming the camera output onto the watch?

What are your use cases for this next Big thing?