One feature Wear will really need

Fitness is, for some reason beyond me, becoming rather fashionable in wearable technology.

Android Wear seems to be more about providing data Google-Now-Style to the user. Fitness seems to be an additional feature rather than the main focus.

But all these different fitness bands all have their own apps and systems to collect data from their different wearables. Google doesn't necessarily have access to that data.

Wouldn't it make sense for Google to provide one place within their Android OS or Wear OS where the fitness data could be collected, collated and used? Whatever the wearable device, it sends its data to the Google central health control area thingy where the data can be used by Google and the user knows where to go to find it rather than scattering it between apps. That way, it doesn't matter if it is a Wear wearable or a proprietary one: Google gets the data and the user gets a better experience.

What do you think?

P.S. Not sure if the title fits what I've written, but my lunch break is over now!