Privacy Concerns: Are Outlook or iCloud 'less bad' than Google?

As far as the USA is concerned, privacy isn't a human right worth protecting.
Under guise of the Patriot Act (Haha) and The War Against Terror (hahaha), all the large USA based tech companies have provided the NSA with whatever data they wanted, regardless of the user's nationality.

I never minded google using the contents of my emails to provide me with ads, because I don't know how the internet works and always operated under the assumption that the use data is only stored in cookies on my local machine.

But with google getting increasingly creepy about Street View, wearable Android devices, biometric data, Google Plus and owning Youtube, I'm starting to get increasingly paranoid. Google's view that user have '"no legitimate expectation of privacy in email" is worrisome.

Since Microsoft and Apple supply data to the NSA just as readily as google does, I'm wondering if a switch to outlook or iCloud mail services would accomplish anything in terms of privacy.

Your thoughts?