The HTC One 2014 is bloody MASSIVE huh? UPDATE: New Comparison Pics

OK now I now this isn't a great revelation, the specs have been around for a few weeks, but I've just been comparing it to other phones.

The fact the original One was so tall is one of the things that put me off getting it. Well it turns out the 2014 edition is a whole cm taller. Great. It's also wider, thicker and getting on for 20g heavier.

I know this is a constant point raised, but this constant evolution of size is really pissing me off now. I would have upgraded my GS4 this year for the right phone, but now Samsung has abandoned it's liking of small bezels for waterproofing, Sony has maintained it's position as purveyor of all things giant, and HTC is aping it...well I'll certainly be waiting at least another year.

Of course no doubt next years flagships will have even bigger screens, more manly bezels because they'll be bomb-proof or something etc etc. I really hoped things would stop at 5in and then we'd concentrate on size. I should have known better, but why the fuck is the flagship category chasing the phablet category into some sort of size oblivion?

I can deal with 5in, I can still go one-handed just about -insert something she said joke- but I guess we're officially never gonna go back there now, and that makes me sad. It kind of seems that the only hope for a 4.5in plus decently sized phone now lies with Apple, Motorola or LG (though of course the LG G3 will just have to have a 5.3in screen next time).

Unimportant first world rant about technology over/

TL:DR Just ignore me, phone size, much big, too annoyed, mmmrghhh maarghhh

UPDATE: New pics showing the One from just how close in size the HTC/Sony/Note are (more pics at the link)