Is the Moto X still a good purchase?

So I was looking for anew phone. Here are my choices

  • Note 3
  • Galaxy S4
  • Moto X
  • Nexus 5

The note 3 is the best specced phone among these, but costs nearly 700 USD (in local currency). The S4 is very attractive at its new price point ($500) and waiting for the S5 doesn't seem worth it. The N5 also costs $500. But the Moto X costs $350. Other flagships like the HTC One, G2 and Z1 (or Z2) cost upwards of $900( sometimes $1000), and are probably not worth the cost .

I am favouring the S4 over the Nexus because of its better battery and camera. After 2 years with a phone with a really crappy battery, I want something to last me a full day. If it lags, I can just root it and disable the bloat. But the Moto X at it much cheaper price point seems irresistible.

So, here is my question: is the Moto X still a good purchase compared to the S4 and the note 3 (especially the S4)? Its SoC is getting a bit old, and updates are no longer a guarantee. But it is so damn cheap- basically a flagship phone with mid-range prices.

What would you recommend? Will I have buyers regret after purchasing the Moto X? What would you do in my situation?