Can we stop the vaporware blather about the Moto 360 now? (UPDATED with GIF)

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It is from a distance, but the video of Moto's live Hangout clearly shows a functioning watch, where the finger gestures clearly swap through different screens of the UI. We also see it light up when the wrist is flicked up. Whether any of this is actually showing Google Now info, or notifications, we cannot say yet. But it is clearly very responsive to finger gestures.

That should hopefully put the vaporware stories to rest, and we can discuss the actual facts that were dribbled out. Apparently, power management is a big focus of this watch, and while nothing was said about battery life, they seem pretty confident about it.

Charging will indeed not rely on USB or contact ports. But how exactly it charges is a secret. Wireless charging seems obvious, but given how secretive they're being, maybe we can even hope for solar charging...?

The 360 will be customizable, definitely as far as the strap goes, and maybe in other ways too. We'll see real leather and metal straps, that can be swapped by users.

The dial is about 46mm in diameter. So it definitely isn't very small.

The 360 will be water-resistant!

It'll work with all Moto devices and any Android phone with Android 4.3 or above.

International availability expected.

The watch can be completely flipped, so you can easily wear it on your right wrist if you like.


EDIT: Posting a GIF another user posted at Microsoft Tribe:



More proof that this is a very functional prototype.